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Lego Mindstorms SE

Posted in LEGO, Link Of the Weeek, NXT, Robotics on May 29, 2011 by timpattinson

Commit To Mindstorms SE


There is a Proposal for a Lego Mindstorms StackExchange site at the StackExchange  new site staging zone

In case you don’t know, StackExchange is a community powered Q&A site where you can ask and answer questions

You can vote up good answers and questions, and downvote bad ones, so it is community-moderated

Commit here


Four Lego Delta Robots

Posted in LEGO, NXT, People's MOCS, Robotics on April 22, 2011 by timpattinson

6 bricks, Four arms, A lot of LEGO , a  Sorter.

Over at Tinkernology  there’s an amazing creation on show.

Work in Progress — FPS-NX

Posted in LEGO, Link Of the Weeek, NXC, NXT, Programming with tags on April 14, 2011 by timpattinson

I am working on a new game in NXC for the NXT.

It will be a target-shooting game in 2d.

Sorry, I have no working code to post yet.

Some may come soon.



Visual NXC

Posted in LEGO, NXC, NXT, Programming, Robotics on April 12, 2011 by timpattinson

Over at MiBo, sidneys1 is creating a new NXT-G-like IDE of NXC

It would be like NXT-G except

  • Open source
  • Less buggy
  • Based on NXC code, not LabVIEW
  • have the ability to edit the underlying code

MiBo topic:

SourceForge page:


It’s ON

Posted in LEGO, NXT, Robotics on April 7, 2011 by timpattinson

The first official MindBoards contest has been launched

The topic is: Robot arm

It’s on form the 6th of April to May 30th.

themindstormman, the admins and I are running it.

More info:

IRC – #mindboards

Posted in LEGO, NXT, Random on March 24, 2011 by timpattinson

Xander has gone to the trouble of making an IRC channel for all us Mindstorms lovers

You can find it on freenode as #mindboards
EDIT: The “offficial” #mindboards IRC cilent is Xchat-WDK (like xchat but better and totally free for windows except for a optional donation)

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